Mark Whatmore

Director of Photography

crew3When you make a documentary, it is critical that whoever is being interviewed trusts the process. Mark fell into place perfectly. Everyone immediately felt as though he had always been part of the family. The fact that he also took to Persian food pretty quickly was a bonus. We weren’t taming lions or shooting in sub-zero conditions, we were digging deep into stories ~ some of which were never tapped into before.

Mark is an experienced and adaptable Cameraman, Director of Photography and Filmmaker. He’s worked on documentaries, dramas, media installations and corporate films for clients around the world.

With a background in Travel Writing and Televison News he has been making films for over 20 years. His work includes films for Al Jazeera, BBC, Sky, Channel 4 and National Geographic, and institutions such as UNESCO, The World Bank and Cambridge University.

I love making films and working on strong stories about people and culture , while exploring the values, passions, ideas and emotions that drive them. I enjoy working in challenging environments (both culturally and physically), with small, low-impact teams. Recent projects have taken me to Sudan, Egypt, USA, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Ethiopia, France, Turkey, Bolivia, Spain, Norway, Iran, Wales and Saudi Arabia.


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